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Formed by Ed Dames in 1989 "PSI TECH (pronounced si-tech) is a consulting group specializing in intelligence collection for individual, corporate, and government clients. We are the group that ushered a top secret intelligence collection technology out of the confines of military intelligence and into the private sector. This technology is called Technical Remote Viewing." [1]

"In late 1991, during the Gulf War, PSI TECH provided intelligence on Saddam Hussein to the National Security Council, and located Iraq's hidden biological warfare stockpiles for the United Nations. These endeavors earned PSI TECH the attention of the world press. Currently, PSI TECH's clients range from the leaders of Fortune 500 corporations, to academics in science, medicine and law, as well as select individuals from the private sector who undergo the firm's specialized training. Since 1993, when Jonina Dourif began teaching and employing these incredible skills in the private sector, PSI TECH has perfected remote viewing methods and training techniques, and developed the TRV® Video Training Course, a method by which anyone can successfully learn this skill in the privacy of their own home." [2]


In a memo sent on February 15, 2001, titled "Ed Dames Personal Attacks on PSI TECH management.written in 2001," Spotts notes:

"In an effort to make PSI TECH look bad and create ill will among our customer base, Ed Dames, has for the last year been making derogatory comments about PSI TECH's management. The latest was a remark made on Art Bell's nationally syndicated radio show where in an answer to a caller's question he stated he left PSI TECH for "ethical reasons" due to company management.
"As the person who bought out Mr. Dames' shares and took over his management of the company, let me set the record straight. The truth is he resigned from the company in April of 2000 because of a very large legal judgment that was awarded against him and the company, by a California court in the amount of $435,000. The judgment was for a lawsuit dealing with a breach of contract; a contract he entered into and later failed to honor. Rather than deal with the problem in a straight forward manner, he resigned as President of PSI TECH, and went into hiding. Joni immediately took the helm and over the next several months she and I began dealing with the company's problems which included settling the judgment, and paying back wages to PSI TECH employees who hadn't been paid in many months.
"So when Ed Dames says he left the company he founded for ethical and moral reasons, it makes those of us who worked hard to fix all those problems, sick to our stomachs. In my opinion, as PSI TECH's former president and owner, Ed Dames made seriously flawed management decisions, didn't honor his contracts, and bled the company of its cash instead of paying employees. Then instead of sticking it out, he ran away from the problems when the going got tough.
"Now he's using his public platform to make it seem as if the current management of PSI TECH is unethical and dishonest. Sorry Ed, your deception might have worked in the military but it won't cut it out here in the real world. Everyone can finally see the emperor isn't wearing any clothes." [1]



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