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Paragon House is a publishing imprint of the Unification Church.

Paragon House describes its main publishing priorities as including: ·Paragon Issues in Philosophy: Textbooks focused on specific areas of philosophy. ·Books on Genocide and the Holocaust ·Omega Series: Works on human development and the nature of ultimate reality, encompassing mysticism, psychic research, the evolution of consciousness, and self-directed growth in mind, body and spirit. ·New Era Books: Books on World Religion and inter-religious dialogue. ·Liberal Democratic Societies - books focused on the understanding and working of democracy in the contemporary world. ·Environment Issues: Books focused on understanding the issues that impact our environment.[1]


On its website Paragon states that it "is a member of the Continuum International Publishing Group, New York. In 1981, the International Cultural Foundation purchased Paragon Book and Reprint Corporation in New York, a company specializing in Asian books and Asian philosophy, and expanded it to a mid-size publishing house to support religious scholars, philosophers, social theorists, and scientists writing on issues affecting contemporary life. In 1996, the main office moved to St. Paul, Minnesota".[2]

Contact details

2285 University Avenue West, Suite 200,
St. Paul,
Minnesota 55114 USA
Phone: (800) 447-3709 or (651) 644-3087
Fax: (800) 494-0997 or (651) 644-0997

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