Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas

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Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas (PREAL)

According to USAID: "For the past decade, PREAL has helped to improve the quality of education in the region by conducting quality research, disseminating best practices, and monitoring national and regional progress on improving education systems. PREAL’s Education Report Cards have been very well-received. Notably, the business sector in Panama paid all costs for the Panama Report Card. In partnership with private sector foundations in Colombia - Fundacion Empresarios, Fundacion Corona, and Corpoeducacion - PREAL produced report cards in six Colombian departments (states). Colombian organizations covered most costs." [1]


Coordinación de Programas

Asistente de Proyectos



PREAL Advisory Board


Task Force on Education, Equity, and Economic Competitiveness in the Americas

  • Jose Octavio Bordon Co-chair - President, Fundación Andina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • John Petty Co-chair - Former President, Marine Midland Bank, Washington, DC




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