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Patanegra cigarettes are a different-appearing type of Winston cigarettes produced by R.J. Reynolds especially for smuggling into Spain.

In November, 2000, the European Union filed a lawsuit against Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds and Japan Tobacco in which they described "patanegra" cigarettes:

"The RJR DEFENDANTS have been actively involved in cigarette smuggling for many years ... The Defendants controlled, directed, encouraged, supported, and facilitated smuggling operations by giving instructions to distributors, shippers, shipping companies, retailers, and/or various other intermediaries, as well as the smugglers, so as to effectuate the sale of large amounts of cigarettes into THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY ... As the demand for Winstons in Spain increased throughcut the 1990s, increased numbers of lesser quality smuggled Winstons from other sources were being smuggled into Spain, thereby interfering with the authorized smuggling that was directed by the RJR DEFENDANTS. In order to offset and prevent the unauthorized smuggling, the RJR DEFENDANTS undertook certain steps . First, they developed a particular presentation of Winston cigarettes known to the Spanish consumer as "patanegra." Among other ways, the patanegra presentation could be distinguished from regular Winston cigarettes in that it contained certain distinctive markings and did not contain a blue sticker that was found on most Winston cigarettes. The RJR DEFENDANTS produced the "patanegra" presentation specifically for their best smuggling customers so as to insure that they could maintain their competitive advantage over other smugglers and the RJR DEFENDANTS could increase their market share. The "patanegra" presentation was developed specifically for the Spanish market and sold only in Spain."[1]


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