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Patrick Bond "has longstanding research interests and applied work in global governance and national policy debates, in urban communities and with global justice movements in several countries. He is professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal School of Development Studies where since 2004 he has directed the Centre for Civil Society. His research focuses on political economy, environment (energy, water and climate change), social policy and geopolitics, with publications covering South Africa, Zimbabwe, the African continent and global-scale processes.

"In service to the new South African government, Patrick authored/edited more than a dozen policy papers from 1994-2002, including the Reconstruction and Development Programme and the RDP White Paper. He held other positions at Johannesburg NGOs (the National Institute for Economic Policy, 1996-97 and Planact, 1990-94); at the University of Zimbabwe’s Department of Political and Administrative Studies (1989-90); and in Washington, DC at the Institute for Policy Studies, Pacifica Radio, MarketPlace Radio, and several international trade unions (late 1980s). He was also active in the international anti-apartheid movement and US student and community movements." [1] (2003) [1]

On April 3, 2008, Bond published an article titled "Where to, Zimbabwe?" on the website Pambazuka News.


Forthcoming books include:

  • A Pilhagem na África (Sururu Produções Culturais, Lisbon and South Links, Rio de Janeiro)
  • Uneven and Combined South Africa: Crony Capitalism, Paranoid Nationalism, Tokenist Welfarism (coauthored with Ashwin Desai for Zed Books and UKZN Press)
  • Foreign Policy, Bottom-Up: A South African Diary of 21st Century Popular Globalisation (co-edited with Ashwin Desai for the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva and UKZN Press)
  • Beyond Two Economies: South African Political Economy Revisited (edited for Unisa Press, Pretoria)." [6] (2003)

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