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Patrick Reinsborough "has been involved in campaigns for peace, the environment, and social justice for nearly twenty years. He co-founded the smartMeme strategy & training project in 2002 and provides grassroots partners with support on strategy, messaging and capacity building. Patrick was previously the Organizing Director of the Rainforest Action Network where he mobilized thousands of people to confront corporations who destroy the environment and violate human rights. He has been deeply involved in the movements against war and corporate globalization and has helped organize countless protests and creative mass actions. He is a frequent commentator on issues of movement building and social change strategy and has guest lectured at numerous universities. Several of his strategy essays were published in the anthology Globalize Liberation: How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World. Patrick spends his time parenting, wandering through urban space, and playing music for his friends. He lives in San Francisco and staffs smartMeme's west coast office." [1]

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