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Paul Biggs is described as the (unpaid volunteer) environment spokesman for the Association of British Drivers. He states that he has a BSc(Hons) in Biological Sciences (1979)[1] and has working in Cancer Research since 1980.[2]

Climate change

Biggs climate change skepticism is widely published:-

  • "The UK’s unilateral Climate Change Act (2008) sets targets for reducing the UK’s tiny 2% contribution to global man-made CO2 emissions, with no plan for how they might be achieved. Indeed, the act has been criticised in a peer reviewed publication as “on course to fail.” The Climate Change Committee, which was set up to give advice on how targets might be met, is loaded with New Labour cronies and ‘Green Alliance’ members, so driver bashing in the false name of climate control comes as no surprise.”[3] Fleet Directory Oct 2009
  • "It is now established in scientific literature that recent years' rises in atmospheric CO2 concentration have not been matched by rises in temperature, adding yet more weight to the significant body of scientific opinion that believes factors other than CO2 drive climate change," noted spokesman Paul Biggs."[4] UK Net Guide October 2009
  • "The United Nations’ Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to which Hillman refers to with regular monotony, exists in order to provide a biased ‘official’ version of climate science in order to promote the UN agenda of wealth redistribution from developed to developing countries."[5] letter in Local Transport Today October 2008
  • "If climate sensitivity is larger than 8 degrees for CO2 doubling, then Earth's climate would have been totally unstable due to CO2 feedback. We would have ended up as either Venus or a cold Earth. Luckily, the sensitivity is more like a 1 to 1.5 deg increase for CO2 doubling."[6] Local Transport Today May 2007

Speed Limits

  • "The problem is that speed limits are often unrealistic and slow traffic unnecessarily"[7] The Telegraph
  • "The trouble is any 20mph area cannot really be effective unless you have masses of speed cameras or police enforcement. The figures just do not bear out this sort of thing. There is an assumption that the slower you go, the safer it is and that is not always the case."[8]
  • "Some 10,000 children a year get knocked down in Britain but fewer than one per cent of those are killed. That does not suggest to me that people are driving recklessly near schools." ... "If 20mph limits are to be enforced by the normal methods, then the focus of concentration will be on the speedometer only - lunacy in an urban environment" ... "I don't think the average taxpayer would be happy to see road police out with speed guns, stopping people driving at 30mph"[9]( This article was 'ghost written' by a journalist following an discussion over the telephone, and contains some errors/misrepresentations - so are not direct quotes from Biggs, but are a paraphrased interpretation, as with most press interviews. The ABD/Biggs view of speed limits is clear -

each individual road should have an appropriate limit based on the 85th percentile, rather than a blanket limit.

Bus Lanes

  • Paul Biggs, of the Association of British Drivers, who is against bus lanes and cameras because he believes they infringe drivers’ rights said: “Bus lanes cause problems themselves. All the cars have to pile into another lane, it causes traffic, and when you turn left you have to zip into a bus lane.” A spokesman for the city council said: “The whole purpose of bus lanes is to give priority to public transport where appropriate.[10] Liverpool Daily Post

Passive Smoking

Biggs, who is a life-long non-smoker, states that he has worked in cancer research 'since 1980.' He superficially discussed the scientific evidence for the effects of passive smoking in a discussion on Jennifer Marohasy's blog, where S. Fred Singer was being attacked for his views saying "What’s said about passive smoking, and what can be demonstrated scientifically are two different things. Singer has represented the science correctly."[11] and cited Sir Richard Doll who did the seminal work linking smoking with cancer, who said in a BBC interview: “The effects of other people smoking in my presence is so small it doesn’t worry me.” [12] Biggs' comments were not an endorsement of smoking or passive smoking.

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