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"Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Symbion Power, Paul Hinks is the driving force behind the company. He has spent the past 39 years working in the power sector and for much of that period, has managed projects in Africa. Paul is the of Chairman of Invest Africa USA, the largest membership platform providing access and investment for the private sector to the African continent, with leadership in London, New York, Washington, DC, Dubai, Geneva, Lagos and Johannesburg. He is a board member of Engender Health, a major US women’s health organization operating in 20 countries around the world.

"From 2012 to 2016, Paul was the Chairman of the Corporate Council on Africa, the Washington-based organization that promotes trade and investment between the United States and Africa. He is a member of the USAID Private Capital Group Partners Forum, a USAID Advisory Group that was originally established to support private sector development in Africa but now has global reach.

"Paul formed Symbion Power in 2005, named to underscore his personal ethos of working symbiotically with local people as well as with international manufacturers. In 1995, Paul developed a critical project to build a World Bank-funded fast track 75MW gas turbine power plant in Dar es Salaam during an extreme power crisis. Under his leadership, the project was delivered in 141 days – a record at the time for delivery of a fast track emergency power plant. Trained in the UK in the seventies as an engineering student for the state owned power generation and transmission utility of the UK, the Central Electricity Generating Board." [1]


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