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Paul Nuttall is the UK Independence Party MEP for the North West of England. He is also Chairman of UKIP.

Nuttall is deputy chairman of UKIP, he argues for the abolition of National Health Service[1]

He is the leader of the UK Independence Party which is staunchly skeptical of climate change. At their Conference in March 2010, the party leader said "we must question the whole theory of man-made climate change."[2] .

Dubious biographical claims

A number of dubious claims have been made by or on behalf of Nuttall. That he was a professional footballer for Tranmere Rovers, that he holds a PhD, and most notoriously that he was present at the Hillsborough disaster.[3] And that he lost close personal friends at the Hillsborough disaster[4]There are also doubts about a claim made on his website that he served on a charity board [5]

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