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Peace X Peace, "the rapidly growing international organization that connects women across cultures for friendship, support, and action for peace. Our global community of women is building a more balanced, peaceful world where our lives, stories, and voices are valued and honored." [1]

"Peace X Peace began in 2002 when Patricia Smith Melton, a poet, playwright, film maker, and photographer, gathered six experts in peace and women's rights from around the world to discuss how they might respond as women to the violence of 9/11/2001. The organization was incorporated as a 501(c )(3) nonprofit and hired its first staff person at the end of that year. It launched a website and an online news service and began connecting US women with women outside the US, across geographic and cultural divides, via the internet...

"In addition to the Global Network, Peace X Peace programs include a globe-spanning volunteer team, Regional Development initiatives, and a coalition-based outreach that mobilizes women across the United States: Women Stand With Iraq." [2]

What is in a Name

Richard Perle, a leading neocon, worked with Benjamin Netanyahu to help it reformulate and sell its policy. Out of this exercise came what later became known as PNAC. A key concept that was pushed in this document was that Israel should not seek a "land for peace" deal, but rather push for a "peace for peace" deal. In other words, the Palestinians would not get a state or any land over which they could have sovereignty. The term "Peace x Peace" can be viewed as a neocon construct; peace without justice.

Directors & Personnel

Accessed July 2009: [3]

Advisory Board

Accessed July 2009: [4]

Global liaisons

Accessed July 2009: [5]



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