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Pedraum Pardehpoosh is Senior Product Manager for App Stores at Apple Inc, having previously worked as Senior Product Manager for Movies/TV/Audiobooks/Podcasts at Apple Inc. and Senior Manager for Website Features. [1]. He has also acted as Director of Program Management at (see Walmart).[2] Pardehpoosh represents The Spiritual Assembly of The Baha'Is of Palo Alto, California (see Baha'i Faith) as their registered agent.[3] In 2007, he represented the Baha’i Internet Agency at the Insights Conference Bosch 2007 [4]. In commenting to the 2008 Association for Baha'i Studies pilot project, "Questions or Topics that could focus Bahai scholarship to win the progress of the Faith. (contributed by consultants)", Pardehpoosh noted of the "Customer Experience Paradox" and the expansion of the Baha'i Faith that:

"The Baha'i Faith offers no in-house Starbucks service, no Yoga classes, no pilates. However, these are increasingly common features at mega-churches across the United States. While it might seem comical to suggest the installation of Starbucks machines at Baha'i Centers, we may be well-served to examine with a critical eye which of these successful church's features we may learn from as we expand. An examination of "the first 90 days of being a Baha'i in America" may prove a useful exercise."[5]


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