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Biographical Information

"She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, having worked since 1977 with organizations like the San Francisco-based Center for Applied Intuition, The Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution, and The Intuition Network.

"A popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer, Penney specializes in intuition and sensitivity development, "skillful perception," personal energy and frequency training, dreamwork, and future trends. She travels widely, working throughout the US, Japan, South Africa, and Europe as an advisor to business executives, scientists, psychologists, other consultants and trainers, and those on a spiritual path. She has counseled tens of thousands of people worldwide about life and business direction, and the fulfillment of destiny.

"Penney has been on the faculty of The Kaiser Institute, working with their Intuition Fellowship program to train hospital CEO's, health care consultants, and philanthropists in the development of visionary skills. She has also worked with The Arlington Institute, a group of futurists...

"As a former corporate art director and designer (Atlantic Richfield and American Hospital Supply Corp), Penney is well-versed in graphic design, copywriting, tech writing, editing, advertising, and promotion. She is able to communicate articulately from both sides of the brain, and is known for her down-to-earth ability to solve problems creatively. For many years Penney was business manager for, and copresenter with, trance medium Kevin Ryerson, who gained wide popularity through his connection with Shirley MacLaine. " [1]

"Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive, visionary, and author, as well as a popular lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, "skillful perception," and dreamwork. She has worked throughout the US, Japan, and Europe since 1977 as a coach to business executives, psychologists, scientists, other trainers, and those on a spiritual path. She has been involved with The Center for Applied Intuition and The Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution in San Francisco, and currently is on the faculty of The Kaiser Institute, which trains hospital CEO’s, health care consultants, philanthropists, and foundation boards in the development of intuitive and visionary skills.

"She is the author of the ground-breaking new book, Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration. She has also written The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Aware-ness, The Present Moment, Dreams for Dummies, and Dream Dictionary for Dummies and is featured in various other books, including: Return of the Revolutionaries by Walter Semkiw, MD, The Purpose of Your Life, and When Life Changes, Or You Wish It Would by Carol Adrienne, The Celestine Prophecy and Tenth Insight Experiential Guides, by Adrienne and James Redfield, and Intuiting the Future and Channeling: The Intuitive Connection by Dr. William Kautz of the Center for Applied Intuition.

"Peirce’s work is open-minded, practical, and sophisticated, synthesizing diverse cultural and spiritual worldviews with many years’ experience in business as a corporate art director with such companies as Atlantic Richfield and American Hospital Supply Corporation. She is extraordinarily attuned to the intricacies of the mind and the various dimensions of human awareness, blending a deep understanding of natural laws with a designer’s skill in structural patterning. She is known for her ability to present complex ideas in a common sense, easy-to-understand way.

"Penney emphasizes the practical aspects of intuitive development, helping people apply “direct knowing” to increase natural efficiency and their enjoyment/participation level in life. Her work assists people and organizations in uncovering life purpose and action plan, understanding and easing transitions, alleviating burnout, and finding accurate, appropriate answers to pressing questions. She believes that life functions according to innate natural principles, and when we live in alignment with these truths, things work smoothly and effectively.

"Penney was educated at the University of Cincinnati, the New School for Social Research, Columbia, and California Institute of the Arts. She makes her home near San Francisco."[1]


  • FREQUENCY: THE POWER OF YOUR PERSONAL VIBRATION (Beyond Words/Atria/Simon & Schuster 2009)
  • THE INTUITIVE WAY: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO INCREASING YOUR AWARENESS (Beyond Words 1997; second edition Council Oak Books 2005; 3rd edition Beyond Words.Simon & Schuster 2009)
  • DREAMS FOR DUMMIES (Wiley 2000)

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