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People's Advocate is a California-based political watchdog and anti-tax organization formed by Paul Gann in 1974. The group worked to help pass California's Proposition 13, which capped property taxes at 1% of the property's cash value. In 1979, it helped pass the Gann Spending LImit, which limits state spending increases to inflation and population increase, and requires the State to return surplus taxes back to the people. In 1986, it helped pass an initiative making English the state's official language. In 2003, it worked to recall California's then-Governor, Gray Davis.[1]

Campaign to suspend California's Global Warming Solutions Act (greenhouse gas emissions law)

In 2010, People's Advocate started backing a California initiative to suspend the state's Global Warming Solutions Act (also known as Assembly Bill 32), signed into law in 2006. AB 32 requires the state to bring its greenhouse gas emissions down to 1990 levels by the year 2020. The group is part of an effort to gather signatures to put a measure on the state-wide ballot suspending the law until unemployment in the state reaches 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters. Backers of the suspension effort call their measure the California Jobs Initiative. People's Advocate is listed as a supporter of the effort on a Web site, [2]

People's Advocate says AB 32 is AB 32 "increases government control of individual decisions" and is "ineffective and counterproductive, massively costly to businesses and families, and will increase our state deficit and/or cut services including those related to public health and environmental protection."[3]

Board and Officers

The CEO of People's Advocate is Ted Costa, whose duties include soliciting memberships, conducting fundraising, and overseeing the drafting and qualification of the initiative to suspend AB 32. Costa is also in charge of People's Advocate's political action committee. [4]

From the group's 2008 Form 990 [1], the other officers are:


People's Advocate
3407 Arden Way
Sacramento, California, 95825

Phone: 1-916-482-6175

Web site:

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