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Peter Alexander (Rothmans Dir. of Industry Affairs; Head of Corp. Affairs): 1989 Australia

Peter Alexander became the Head of Corporate Affairs, then Director of Public Relations at Rothmans of Pall Mall, in Australia, during the late 1980s. He was closely associated with the Liberal Government at that time and was largely responsible for the lobbying effort which brought about an amendment in the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act which allowed the industry to once more engage in political lobbying and deceptive public relations and promotion.

Documents & Dates

1990: Peter Alexander becomes Head of Corporate Affairs, Rothmans of Pall Mall, Australia.

1992 Aug The Tobacco Institute of Australia (TIA) calls a meeting of industry PR & legal people to discuss the AFCO appeal. Those present are:

  • Rothmans of Pall Mall - Peter Alexander
  • Rothmans Holding - John Gonzi
  • PM - Judy Hargrave
  • PM - Phil Francis
  • PM - Reg Hodgson
  • Wills - John Carroll
  • Wills - Michael Leach

See Documents

1995 May 3 According to World Alert (Tobacco Manufacturer's newsletter) The cigarette companies were launching a Smoker's Rights campaign in Australia, and had hired a political consultant to run the campaign. Peter Alexanders said cigarette manufacturers had not been politically active in the past few years because they had been legally prevented from lobbying for smokers until recent amendments to the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act.

They were now funding a Smoker's Rights campaign via a political consultant. See documents

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