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Biographical Details

"Peter McKenzie is the Asia Regional Director of Astropower, a leading solar power component maker. He is currently resident in Singapore, and is one of the co-founders of Greenstar, serving on the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

"Recently, he managed the Solar Technology Consulting Co. (STC) based in Boston, and Hyderabad. STC's efforts centered around the development and implementation of sustainable financing tools for photovoltaic power systems. He established a multi-organizational marketing network to develop packaged solar products for remote and rural populations not being served by reliable electric services.

"A native of Australia, Mr. McKenzie graduated from the Western Australia University of Technology. He has served in a progression of photovoltaic businesses dating back to the mid-1970's, when he was stationed in Papua New Guinea, and installed the first complete PV-powered microwave telecommunications system in the world. These communication units used solar power with a diesel backup generator. Such a hybrid combination remains the most common form of integrating renewables into village power today and forms the core concept of Greenstar.

"In 1979 Peter began to assist Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) in initiating its solar program activities. He managed the regional field offices for ARCO Solar and Siemens Solar in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. His experience in these organizations includes leading successful efforts to secure financing for solar projects involving the International Finance Corporation (affiliated with the World Bank) in the U.S., GTZ in Germany and JICA in Japan for projects in Bangladesh, Philippines, Maldives, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Nepal and India." [1]

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