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Peter Knollenberg "is President of Sea Hunt, Inc. and one of the founders and Chairman of Sovereign Exploration Associates International, Inc. He has been a participant in the energy sector for the past 25 years. He was head of the International department of a fuel oil supply and terminating company in Houston, Texas that primarily serviced the offshore oil and gas industry. He then formed a natural gas exploration and production company that converted over two hundred abandoned oil wells into environmentally friendly coal seam gas wells. After selling his coonventional oil and gas assets he formed a clean burning coal technology company and in partnership with a major NY hedge fund is producing alternative fuel briquettes to improve the environment and help America be less dependent on foreign oil. America has the largest coal deposits with more BTU value than all of the world's oil combined.

"Mr. Knollenberg is Chairman of the Palm Beach Maritime Museum and Academy which is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation. The Academy is a profitable A rated charter school. The Museum offers many extra curriculum activities to the academic community through its boats, including its America's Cup defender sailing program, and two waterfront museum facilities. As the Texas Chairman Mr. Knollenberg helped launch Operation Raleigh, an international round the world non profit organization that fielded 3000 youngsters on expeditions from the ages of 17 to 24 with the support of 600 scientists, education and staff. Prince Charles was Patron of Operation Raleigh and Walter Anneberg Honarary President. The expedition's research vessel logged 43,000 miles visiting 23 countries. Mr Knollenberg has been a member of the Explorer's Club since 1984. Mr. Knollenberg attended boarding schools in Switzerland and France. He is a New York University graduate and has a certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management from Harvard. " [1]

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