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Phelim McAleer is a former journalist turned film-maker. His most recent work is Frack Nation a documentary staunchly in favour of Hydraulic Fracturing known as "Fracking". Previously McAleer was the director, producer and author of the "anti-environmentalist" documentary Mine Your Own Business. [1], with spouse[2] Ann McElhinney.

A biographical note states that he "is a Fellow of the Moving Picture Institute, a not for profit dedicated to advancing liberty through the medium of film." [3] "He is also the joint managing director of New Bera Media, an independent documentary production company," it states. [4]

"McAleer was an Associate Producer, second unit director and researcher on the documentary "Return to Sender" which aired on Canada's CBC in February 2005. From 2000 to 2003 he was the Romania/Bulgaria Correspondent for the Financial Times. He has also written for the Economist from the region. Previously from 1998 to 2000 he worked for the UK Sunday Times in their Dublin office. McAleer started his career as a journalist working for a local newspaper in Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh known as Bandit country for the ferocity of the IRA campaign in the area. He then moved to the Irish News in Belfast. At the Irish News, Northern Ireland’s largest selling daily news paper worked as a journalist covering the Northern Ireland troubles and peace process before becoming night editor. He has been a regular contributor to RTE and BBC radio and television," his biographical note states. [5]

Climate Change 'Junk Science' Claims McAleer

In a debate on the Irish RTE News with Phelim McAleer, Eamon Ryan of the Green Party disputed the suggestion that environmental caused poverty. "The environmental movement is raising some crucial international issues at the moment. We are changing our climate at the present time and the people who are most vulnerable to that are..."Ray stated when McAleer interjected "junk science, junk science." Ryan continued "I utterly disagree that climate change it is junk science..." when McAleer injected once more "It's unproven." Ryan continued "and the two billion people who are most vulnerable to that are the people who live closest to nature in countries like Madagascar." [6]. McAleer attended the 2010 Heartland climate change deniers conference in New York[7]

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