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Phil Burgess is the Director of Public Policy & Communications for Telstra, the Australian telecommunications company.

"Phil Burgess was appointed Group Managing Director, Regulatory, Public Policy, and Corporate & Media Relations on 15 August 2005. Phil has a long record of leadership in public policy and communications with broad experience as an academic, business executive, media commentator and writer on economic, political and cultural trends in the US and around the world. Prior to his appointment with Telstra, Phil has served most recently as president & chief executive of the National Academy of Public Administration in Washington, D.C. Phil also served as President of the Annapolis Institute, a U.S. think tank established in 1993 to help leaders manage change – at every level in both the public and private sectors. Phil also serves as a Visiting Professor of Policy Studies at UCLA's public policy school, where he teaches in the graduate program on communications and culture." [1]

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