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Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro were a US law firm which had at least three lawyers who worked consistently for the tobacco industry.

  • John C Fox was engaged regularly, over many decades, by the Tobacco Institute for its Litigation Program. He was engaged to tour to various State centers and give seminars (usually under the name of the law firm) which taught other lawyers how to defend worker vs company passive smoking cases -- and also seminars teaching company directors about their rights to resist smoking bans.
  • Dennis Duffy an associate of John Fox who filled in when he wasn't available
  • Bernadette Davidson also an associate who was available to the Tobacco Institute.

Documents & Timeline

1988 June The 'Public Smoking Issues' division of the TI, consisting of Jeffrey Ross, John Lyons, and Sharon Ransome report lists:

  • recruiting indoor air quality (ETS/ventilation) scientists.
  • Alan Kassman, a former Philip Morris scientist, has been briefed and will go through media training next month.
  • Jolanda Janczewski of ENV Services has been through media training and will be briefed by scientists and legal counsel next month.
  • They have identified six additional ETS scientist who are now reviewing the scientific literature.
  • testing the effectiveness of ACVA/HBI's advertising campaign and direct mail program. They are investigating the feasibility of broadcast ads.
  • Litigation Program