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"Our mission is to preserve the ecological and social heritage of our planet by leading and supporting effective strategic collaborations. Our primary areas of focus are marine conservation, sustainable development, and climate change." [1]

"PHF recently launched Oceans 2020, a global Funders Collaborative, with Oak Foundation, the Waitt Family Foundation and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The Collaborative will leverage its collective experience, funding and other assets to support and highlight projects it deems ‘game‐changers’ in addressing marine protection and overfishing. It will take a global, strategic and opportunistic approach to identify new points of leverage to drive change at the highest levels. Earlier this year, PHF also helped launch the Global Network for Climate Solutions (GNCS) under the leadership of Jeff Sachs and the Earth Institute. GNCS seeks to inform international climate negotiations by grounding them in shared research focused on concrete solutions and action. To this end, it is facilitating the design of country‐ and regional‐based action strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Over the last year, PHF commissioned Christine Sherry Consulting to conduct a comprehensive field scan and landscape report identifying funding needs and opportunities in the emerging area of climate security. The report was a detailed analysis of U.S. and international funding efforts, successes and opportunities to work at the intersection of climate change and national security. It included recommendations and a detailed literature review, and has been welcomed by leading climate change funders, including the Pew Trusts. In 2009, with Oak Foundation, PHF helped launched the Electrification Coalition; an alliance of business leaders committed to the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale in order to combat the economic, environmental, and national security dangers caused by our nation’s dependence on petroleum. PHF has also supported the work of visionaries such as Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Sylvia Earle. In April of this year, it supported Earle and the TED Conference to produce Mission Blue: a sea‐voyage of 100 influential leaders, all of whom came together in the Galapagos Islands to seek smart, strategic collaboration in restoring and protecting the Ocean." [2]


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