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The Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal. This page is the central place to find out what's happening on SourceWatch. Learn about new features, what tasks need to be done, what projects can be joined, and get or post news about recent events or current activities.

If you need further help finding something, get in touch with one of the managing editors.


Help out

While SourceWatch has a small professional staff, it is dependent on the contributions of citizen editors to grow and improve. Below are links to things you can do to improve the encyclopedia. Also, please add things to the list when you see something that needs to be done. You can always check in at the help page or contact the managing editors if you need assistance. You can also join the discussion group on administrating SourceWatch if you'd like to know more about what's going on or want to get involved.

Current hot topics

These topics are currently in the news and could use your help in creating and editing articles about them.

Current Wiki Projects

Wiki Projects are ongoing projects of SourceWatch editors (citizen and staff) that are focused around groups of articles or a particular issue or subject:

Ongoing tasks

Tasks that always need doing:

Main task categories

These pages contain the main lists of specific tasks to do on SourceWatch. Click through to see what you can do or add one to the list:

  • Articles that need updating - As an encyclopedia that is focusing on developing events, politics and policies, many articles on SourceWatch need constant updating.
  • Articles that need fixing - These articles are reported by citizen editors to contain errors that need fixing or need better referencing.
  • Requested articles - Articles requested by citizen editors and readers.
  • Most-read articles - The articles most read are always a good place to add more information.
  • Stub - Incomplete or bare articles that need fleshing out.
  • Articles needing clean-up - Cosmetic and formatting changes like organizing content into standards sections, adding templates, etc.
  • Miscellaneous tasks - Tasks that don't fit in the other categories. Help, policy and other SourceWatch namespace pages that need fixing go here, too!

Guidelines, help, and resources

Where to Begin

Guidelines and policies

Purge server cache