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"Too-big-to-fail" financial services institutions have crashed the U.S. economy, throwing millions out of work, collapsing retirement funds and college savings accounts, and forcing many hard-working Americans into homelessness and poverty.

Due to the complexity of these financial issues and the lack of clear avenues for input, average citizens have had zero role in shaping the policy solutions, even though we are footing the bill in the form of the largest failed industry bailout in history -- $500 billion and counting.

The goal of this our www.BankstersUSA.org website and our larger “Real Economy Project” is to simplify these complex issues and give you a voice in this crisis.

Your voice is essential to ensuring that the economic needs of Main Street America are prioritized over the narrow, special interests of Wall Street.

The site BankstersUSA.org and the Real Economy Project are part of the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). CMD is a national organization based in Madison, Wisconsin.

It was founded by John Stauber in 1993 as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, public interest group. Our mission includes promoting transparency and an informed debate by exposing corporate spin and government propaganda. We work to inform and assist grassroots citizen activism in promoting economic justice, public health, ecological sustainability and human rights. CMD publishes SourceWatch.org, PRWatch.org, the Weekly Spin, and now USABanksters.org.

Our online, collaborative encyclopedia, SourceWatch, includes over 45,000 articles and features information on global corporations, corporate front groups, political leaders, media players, and corporate heads, as well as on climate change, coal, and tobacco.

Through the Real Economy Project, CMD will be highlighting the truth about the banking and the financial services industry and their CEOs, lobbyists, and spinmeisters.

Contact Information: Inquiries can be directed to:

Center for Media and Democracy

520 University Avenue, Suite 227

Madison, Wisconsin 53703
Phone: 608-260-9713

Fax: 608-260-9714