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1.How much site can be used by our Indian guys? 2.How much these can be used by Coal Indian employees? 3.How much employees of Coal India are computer literate? 4.How much % of even Coal India officers knows to handle the computer? 5.How much % of even Coal India officers have free time to surf the internet? 6.How much of them have a internet connection at their home/office? 7.How an employee of Coal India Limited can partnered with Google? It is not possible anyway to be a partner of Google for an employee of the Coal India. The developer of www.coalindia.org has some how hacked the Gmail structure and integrate it at www.coalindia.org in illegal way. The developer of the site is barking that the www.coalindia.org site is developed with partnership of Google? World’s great liar….. Google is a world leader. One day Google knows it and they will be behind the bars. I will write to Google and Coal India this week with full details. Even he can not use the name of Coal India as his domain. Coal India Limited also sue him soon. Google and Coal India should act quickly upon this. A stern action must be taken against the developer of www.coalindia.org Site www.coalindia.org should must be closed. What do you think ???????????????????????? www.coalindia.org – Really A Gimmick site In pages of www.coalindia.org it is written that for Idea Contest an interview/discussion will be carried out up to continuous 1000 hours for at final stage of selection. How is it possible? 1000 hours = approx 40 days. How can one take or appear for the same up to continuous 1000 hours. Very strange questions. Is it a GIMMICK?

Developer of the site is spreading rumors. Is there is any planning behind all these?

Ban this www.coalindia.org site