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Prexige (generic name lumiracoxib) is a prescription drug manufactured by Novartis.

In a 2002 interview, Paulo Costa, the head of Novartis Pharmaceuticals in the US, indicated that he thought the osteoarthritis drug could be a major money-spinner for the company. [1] In its 2006 annual report Novartis stated that "as a result of past investments, Novartis has been able to successfully launch a number of new products in 2006" including Prexige. In 2006 Prexige earned $US47 million for the company, a 488% increase on the previous years sales of $8 million. [2]

In August 2007 the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration withdrew approval for the marketing of the drug due to a number of cases of serious liver side effects experienced by consumers. Use of the drug caused two deaths and necissitated two consumers to require liver transplants.

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