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Princeton University's Centers, Institutes and Research Programs is an abridged listing, with URLs.

Social Sciences

Economics & Finance


Ethics and Society

Health and Well-being

Historical Studies

International Affairs

Politics and Public Affairs

Population and Statistical Research

Science and Society


Fine Arts and Culture

Liberal Arts


Philosophy and Religion

Animal testing

Princeton University does animal testing.

Facility information, progress reports & USDA-APHIS reports

For links to copies of this facility's U.S. Department of Agriculture-Animal Plant Health Inspection (APHIS) reports, other information and links, see also Facility Reports & Information: Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.[1]

USDA AWA reports

As of May 26, 2009, the USDA began posting all inspection reports for animal breeders, dealers, exhibitors, handlers, research facilities and animal carriers by state. See also USDA Animal Welfare Inspection Reports.

Animal cruelty & welfare violations

According to a June 9, 2010 USDA inspection report, a dog died after staff failed to provide veterinary care for 3 days after a botched surgery. The USDA cited Princeton repeatedly incidents of inadequate veterinary care and finadequate functioning by the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACCU).

Princeton was also the target of a scathing USDA inspection report of June 23, 2010. In 13 separate citations, the USDA focused on a highly invasive project which deprives primates of water and implants devices into the skull. Princeton was cited for inadequate functioning of the IACCU Committee six times in the USDA document, most related to the same primate experiment. Researchers failed to use approved anesthetic methods, performed unapproved surgical procedures and failed to administer post-op pain relievers properly. Princeton also received repeated citations for inadequate veterinary care, filing fraudulent reports and inadequate housing and facilities.[2]

See also section 1 on facility information & progress reports.

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