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Proactive Legislative Targets, 1990

This 120-page, confidential report shows Philip Morris' efforts to use third parties to introduce "proactive" bills--bills that benefit their business--so that legislators do not even have a hint that the tobacco industry is behind the effort.

The industry's need to hide its involvement in drafting and pushing these bills is sprinkled throughout the document:

"The industry's lobbying [and] support will be conducted in a very targeted format to reduce the potential for industry exposure on this..."

"As with most types of positive legislation introduced in the Northeast, identification of the tobacco industry as the primary sponsor would be of no value to the effort... As in previous IAQ [indoor air quality] legislative activities our role would be supportive, but not overt."

"...the new bill will focus on 'ventilation standards,' not 'clean indoor air'... it is imperative that the Tobacco Institute not be identified as a major player in this effort."

PM's overall strategy was to "Select key sponsor or sponsors for introduction and control of proposed legislation which will promote smokers' rights and preempt local governments' authority to impose restrictions greater than those set by the state."

Date 19891002/E
Bates 2025848520/8639
Collection Philip Morris
Pages 120

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