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Project Exile is described as "an expedited federal prosecutive effort by the United States Attorney's Office, B.A.T.F., U.S. Marshal, and F.B.I., in coordination with the Richmond [VA] Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, Richmond [VA] Police Department, and the Virginia State Police to remove armed criminals from Richmond streets. The project [begun in 1997] has expanded into Norfolk\ Newport News, VA, and Rochester, NY."[1]

"The project has also received positive interest from the U.S. Congress. Recently, the Senate passed an appropriations bill providing $1.5 million to replicate Project Exile in Philadelphia. The same Senate bill also recommended to the Treasury Secretary that Project Exile be expanded to 50 cities by October 1, 2000, 75 cities by October 1, 2002, and 150 cities by October 1, 2003. At Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearings in July 1998, Senators specifically asked the Attorney General about Project Exile and the possibility of expansion to other areas in the country."[2]

Senate bill S.22: Justice Enhancement and Domestic Security Act of 2003 contains grant funding provisions for "Project Exile."

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