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Project HOPE "is unique among international organizations in that we have always worked across the health spectrum in a wide variety of settings – from the family and community levels to the tertiary care level – training traditional birth attendants and community health volunteers where resources are limited and cardiac surgeons and biomedical engineers where technology is appropriate.

"The health challenges facing us today are very different from those in 1958 – when Project HOPE first pioneered medical diplomacy by developing friendly relationships with peoples of different cultures and orientations, through sharing of medical knowledge and treating patients alongside health professional counterparts. Over the past five decades, however, we have demonstrated our ability to develop and permanently institute long-term solutions to pressing health problems, the true essence of helping people help themselves." [1]

Project HOPE owns and publishes the health policy journal Health Affairs.


[2] John P. Howe III, M.D is President and CEO of Project HOPE.

Board of Directors

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Project HOPE
255 Carter Hall Lane
Millwood, VA 22646
Phone: 1-800-544-4673 (HOPE)

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