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The Property Rights Foundation (PRF) website states " We stand for private ownership of land and resources

We stand for the constitutionally guaranteed protection of the private property owner’s right to use his property unencumbered by unjust regulation.

We are originally based on background and experiences in urban and rural New York, but are national in scope and service.

We are unequivocally committed to accurate, original research.

We require that all of our work be constrained by the highest standards of accuracy and traditional western moral values.

We seek participants who will share their resources and information with us in the spirit of these goals."

More tellingly, perhaps, it also says "PRFA is known for its flagship publication, Positions on Property, which began in 1994 ... The Positions continued breaking ground with national exposure of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, the American, or National, Heritage Areas, and other issues ... PRFA became known for its many incisive publications related to land designations and land-use controls. Back issues of Positions, which remain timely, are often requested. Groups throughout the United States have used them to help defeat UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, block zoning, stop Heritage Areas, and to expose government corruption that is denying our fundamental private property rights in so many ways."

The site also contains some apparently anti-smoking material.

Property rights has the appearance of an astroturf "movement" justifying anti-environmental and anti-conservationist attitudes which is notionally based around Libertarianism.

Documents Contained at the Anti-Environmental Archives
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Contact details

Property Rights Foundation of America
P.O. Box 75
Stony Creek, NY 12878
Phone: (518) 696-5748

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