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RARE Conservation

"When Rare was established in 1973, it was an acronym for Rare Animal Relief Effort. While on an extended car trip through Central America, Capt. David Hill, an avid US birdwatcher and pilot for Flying Tigers, conceived of a conservation organization that would protect that region’s vulnerable and unique fauna. Initially, he wanted to ally with the National Audubon Society, which then lacked its current international reach. Audubon offered free office space at its New York headquarters, but suggested that Hill incorporate Rare as an independent organization. Rare Inc. had its first board meeting on Nov. 9, 1973.

"Its first big campaign came the following year, when Rare Inc. allied with Friends of the Earth and the Animal Welfare Institute to launch the “Save the Whales” campaign, using ads, buttons, and demonstrations. Rare Inc. then led a worldwide initiative to protect the manatee, which helped result in 1978’s passage of the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act, declaring the entire state a manatee refuge.

"Rare Inc.formed an alliance with the World Wildlife Fund in the early to mid ’80s and focused on outreach and education. In 1986, the organization split from WWF to become the Rare Center for Tropical Bird Conservation, using the Resplendent Quetzal as its logo and focusing more narrowly on the bird conservation in Central America and the Caribbean." [1]


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