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REI brand gear and clothing.


Accessed December 2007: [1]

  • Doug Walker, Seattle, Wash.: Founder and former CEO, software company, REI board chair (2008)
  • Anne Farrell, Seattle, Wash.: Former president, philanthropic foundation, REI board vice chair (2010)
  • Ivar Chhina, Burlingame, Calif.: President, CEO and chairman, dental services company (2009)
  • John Hamlin, Austin, Texas: President and managing partner of a private equity firm (2010)
  • Joanne Harrell, Seattle, Wash.: General manager, worldwide software company (2009)
  • Tom Harville, Edmonds, Wash.: Former retail chairman and CEO, community volunteer (2010)
  • Charles Katz, Jr., Palo Alto, Calif.: Manager, family investment business; charitable foundation (2009)
  • Jesse King, Evergreen, Colo.: Founding and managing partner of a private consulting firm (Appointed to a one-year term, July 2007-2008)
  • Edward M. Schmults, New York, New York: CEO, retail company (2010)
  • Cheryl Scott, Seattle, Wash.: COO, global foundation (2008)
  • Michael Smith, Seattle, Wash.: President and CEO, e-commerce company (2008)
  • Sally Jewell, Seattle, Wash.: REI's President and CEO (serves on the board by virtue of her position)
  • Brenda Davis, Bozeman, Mt.: Former executive, consumer products company; director to conservation organization boards (appointed to one-year term September 2007-2008)



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