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"In 2004 and 2005 three of our co-founders traveled to Uganda as student researchers and witnessed firsthand the untold tragedy taking place in the country's northern region. ...For Seattle-born activist Michael Poffenberger, this commitment formed after meeting a fourteen-year-old boy named Charles, who shared his story of abduction by the LRA and his forced participation in the Barlonyo Massacre. For Paul Ronan, an upstate New Yorker with a passion for land rights, it was the experience of interviewing displaced persons about the social and cultural impact of being forced into camps by the Ugandan government. And for Boston-born scholar Peter Quaranto, it was inspired by the perseverance and encouragement of a Ugandan peace mediator, who urged him to return and advocate for action to end the crisis. Returning home, the three were joined by Alison Jones, a friend and peer who saw the potential for grassroots advocacy to drive the kind of change that would help make peace realizable. Together, the team moved to Washington, DC to form the first U.S.-based advocacy initiative solely seeking an end to this crisis... The organization first launched in 2005 as the Uganda Conflict Action Network, an online monitoring and analysis project sponsored by Washington-based charity Africa Faith and Justice Network."[1]


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