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R.J. Reynolds REST Process is a chemical method for manipulating the amount of nicotine in tobacco.

REST stands for "Reestablishment (or "Restoration") of Solubles within Tobacco." The process apparently rose out of RJR's Controlled Nicotine Project. The goal of the Controlled Nicotine project was to create a low cost way to improve tobacco products while providing tobaccos with specific nicotine levels. RJR scientist Barry Smith Fagg worked on the overall project, called the "REST Controlled Nicotine Project."[1][2]

The REST Process allowed RJR to "engineer processes to meet business objectives" by using lower-cost tobaccos and providing product consistency while manipulating nicotine delivery to the smoker's body. The REST Process allowed separate chemical manipulation of both solubles and insolubles within tobacco.[3]

A stated goal of the Controlled Nicotine Project was "To develop a viable process for the total control of nicotine in product, in conjunction with the "REST" process without affecting smoking performance other than attributes connected to nicotine." Basic development and process specifications were planned to be completed by the end of 1991.

RJR stated the rationale for the project in a report about the process:

We are basically in the nicotine business. It is in the best long term interest for RJR to be able to control and effectively utilize every pound of nicotine we purchase. Effective control of nicotine in our products should equate to a significant product performance and cost advantage.[4]

One RJR document compares "tobacco nicotine" with "delivered nicotine" via the REST process, and graphs the predicted market share (or "share of market," abbreviated "SOM) for varying levels of delivered nicotine using the REST process.[5]

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