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"1978 - Operation Drake: Colonel John Blashford-Snell and HRH Prince Charles launched Operation Drake, running youth projects from ships circumnavigating the globe, to develop self-confidence and leadership through adventure, scientific exploration and community service. In 2 years 414 young people took part in the round the world voyage, working on land-based projects in 16 different countries.

"1984 - Operation Raleigh: Following the success of Operation Drake, the much more ambitious Operation Raleigh was created. This started as a 4 year project running from 1984 -1988 involving 4,000 volunteers and almost 1,600 staff on the renovated Sir Walter Raleigh ship, but its success saw it continue permanently, with an emphasis on land-based expeditions.

"1992 - Raleigh International: Operation Raleigh became Raleigh International in 1992, reflecting the number of volunteers from across the globe. We widened the diversity of volunteers by raising the relevance and quality of our overseas expeditions and raising issues of global awareness." [1]


Accessed June 2010: [2]


URL: http://www.raleighinternational.org

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