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Randi Rhodes is the liberal weekday talk show host of The Randi Rhodes Show previously on Air America Radio. She has returned to her flagship station, WJNO in West Palm Beach, Florida; and she is now broadcast/syndicated via the Nova M network headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Randi can also be heard on the satellite radio station, XM Radio. She is live on the vast majority of her affiliate stations, and broadcasts from 3-6pm EST.

Contact Information

The Randi Rhodes Show
c/o 1290 WJNO 3071 Continental Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33407 Talk Lines: 866-87-RANDI
Website: http://forums.therandirhodesshow.com/


Randi Rhodes was born Randi Buten. Even though she is currently divorced, she has legally gone by her married name "Robertson" ever since she was married to the independent producer, Jim Robertson in 1994. She took her pseudonym from Ozzy Osbourne's guitar player, who she said was one of the greats because of his professionalism and his daily dedication to practice. Randi spent three years in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic, and occasionally talks about her experience as a truck driver too. She has also been a mother to her niece, Jessica ever since Randi lost her sister to breast cancer.

Randi's radio career began as a DJ, and she has been working in radio for nearly 30 years.

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