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Dr. Raushan Nauryzbayeva "is executive director of the Development of Civil Society, a public foundation that implements projects on human rights, ecology, and civic education in Kazakhstan. She is also president of the Alumni Research Association (ARA), a network of individuals who have held fellowships with such institutions as IREX and the Fulbright program. From 2001 to 2002, she served as deputy vice-rector of the Kazakh State Legal Academy, where she worked with the Ministry of Education on developing standardized educational methodologies and curricula, including workshops on promoting the rights of women and minorities. She has served as senior lecturer of law both at Kazakh State (1995–97) and at Kunaev University (2000–2001), where she has taught courses in constitutional and human rights law. During her fellowship, Dr. Nauryzbayeva is focusing on how to educate and train local Kazakh NGOs to advance their causes through participation and dialogue with governmental institutions." [1]

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