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Ray Goldstein is a tobacco industry documents specialist working in support of plaintiff lawyers who file personal injury lawsuits against tobacco company defendants.

Since an initial favorable outcome assisting Madelyn Chaber in 1995, (Horowitz v Lorillard Tobacco), Goldstein has provided documentary evidence and media support to lawyers in almost a dozen plaintiff verdicts against the cigarette companies; including multi-million dollar punitive findings in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles.

His work with Michael Piuze in Los Angeles is notable for two multi-billion dollar verdicts against Philip Morris in Boeken v PM (2001) and Bullock v PM (2002). At the time of the Bullock punitive damages award, initially $28 billion dollars, it was the largest such verdict ever recorded in an American courtroom.

In 2006, Goldstein received the Sybil G. Jacobs Prize from the American Legacy Foundation for his effective use of the tobacco industry documents in court.

Goldstein’s "Trial in a Box," an indexed CD containing the trial exhibits, trial transcripts, and ancillary documentation used to win the Boeken and Bullock trials is on-line at: http://www.tobacco.neu.edu/box/BoekenBox/boekenhome.html

His business, Probative Production, can be accessed at: http://home.att.net/~sparklex/ppweb.html


email: probativeproductATsbcglobal.net (Substitite an @ sign for the word "AT")
Phone: 415.310.9444

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