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"In 1995, RealNetworks, Inc. pioneered the entire Internet media industry, and continues to fuel its exponential growth.

"Because the Internet was built to handle text-based information, not audio and video and other rich media, RealNetworks, Inc. foresaw the need for specific solutions that could handle the creation, delivery and consumption of media via the Internet. That led RealNetworks, Inc. to invent and release the RealPlayer and RealAudio in 1995.

"Today, hundreds of millions of RealPlayers have been downloaded throughout the world take advantage of RealNetworks, Inc. world-class media creation, delivery and playback technology.

"RealNetworks, Inc. develops end-to-end solutions that allow everyone — from Fortune 500 companies with locations worldwide to individuals at their desktops or other Internet-enabled devices — to create, send and receive audio, video and other multimedia services over the Internet." [1]


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Realnetworks Foundation board members [3]



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