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Regal Entertainment Group (REG) is the largest theater chain in the U.S. It has the brands Regal Cinemas, Edwards Theatres, United Artists Theatre Company, and Hoyts Cinema. It owns 24% of National CineMedia which sells in-theater ads.[1]

Philip F. Anschutz, listed in Forbes as having a personal fortune of US$18 billion, owns about half of Regal Entertainment Group and has 82% control in terms of voting power through his holding company - The Anschutz Company.[1] [2]

Commercials in theaters

National CineMedia distributes commercials that are shown in theaters before the actual movie begins. Staffed 24 hours a day, CineMedia engineers beem advertisements by way of satellites that send the commercials down to satellite dishes on top of 950 movie theaters. CineMedia's First Look program is about 25 minutes of commercials and movie previews. Advertisers can tailor the advertising depending on the audience or movie rating and the location of the theater. Large advertisers include the military and the automobile industry. [3]

TV advertising has been hurt by people skipping over commercials with their video recorders. Eric Handler, an analyst with Lehman Brothers, said of theater advertising, "once you're in your seat, you can't change your channel. You're pretty much sitting there and you see the program and it's on this big 40-foot screen." [3]

Republican donations, conservative causes

See Philip F. Anschutz article.


Key executives and 2006 pay: [4]

  • Michael L. Campbell, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, $3,291,765 (also exercised $9,452,010 in options)[5]
  • Gregory W. Dunn, Chief Operating Officer, $1,440,633 (also exercised $2,838,239 in options)[6]
  • Amy E. Miles, Chief Financial Officer, $1,330,171 (also exercised $767,815 in options)[7]

Selected members of the Board of Directors: [4]

Contact details

7132 Regal Lane
Knoxville, TN 37918
Phone: 865-922-1123
Fax: 865-922-3188

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