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Richard Fortuna is President of Strategic Environmental Analysis.

A biographical note states that "for the past twenty five years, Mr. Fortuna has been one of the principal architects of the nation's preventive hazardous waste management policies. Mr. Fortuna is best known for his work in developing key provisions of the 1984 RCRA Amendments, including the land disposal restriction and corrective action provisions, while serving on the House Commerce Committee under Congressman James Florio. In addition, he participated in the enactment of the original Superfund Act in 1980, while a member of Congressman John J. Dingell’s personal staff, and contributed to the 1986 Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA). Based on these and other legislative successes, a recent Brookings study identified “reducing exposure to hazardous waste” as one of the Federal government’s 50 greatest accomplishments of the 20th century." [1]

"After leaving Capitol Hill in 1984, Mr. Fortuna served as Executive Director of the Hazardous Waste Treatment Council for eleven years -- a group which played a pivotal role in implementing all key RCRA and CERCLA policies and provisions. In 1994, Mr. Fortuna founded Strategic Environmental Analysis, L.C., a management consulting firm whose focus is helping technology-based companies in the waste management and wastewaster fields succeed through quality market assessments, compliance strategies and technology evaluations. Clients also include members of the business, legal and financial communities, engineering firms, insurance companies, members of the Fortune 500, Federal and state agencies, and environmental groups. ... He also served on the Department of Energy’s Technology Development and Deployment Advisory Board for five years." [2]

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