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Richard Laermer, a former magazine and newspaper journalist, is the CEO of the PR company, RLM Public Relations. Laermer, along with Kevin Dugan, publish The Bad Pitch Blog. [1]

Laermer began work as a reporter in 1979 for various publications. In 1991 he founded RLM Public Relations. [2] Laermer is co-host on Taking Care of Business, a program aired on TLC (The Learning Channel). A RLM Newsletter, dated December 2004, stated that the program was "sponsored in part by VISA". [3]

A biographical note states that he has "consulted for Comcast, Fujifilm, Consumer Reports, Time Inc., Discovery Health, E*Trade, and others." [4]

Full Frontal PR

"No matter how jaded readers are, most are more inclined to believe than distrust what a journalist writes", Richard Laermer and co-author Michael Prichinello argue in Full Frontal: good ‘ole time’ PR.

Later on in the book they describe the use of video news releases and satellite media tours "as good tactics to consider". "Prominent public corporations or politicians use this technique when they need to address many people across multiple markets quickly and efficiently," they write. [1]

To increase the chances of television programs incorporating material from a satellite media tour they suggest "you need a notable public or corporate figure, because otherwise producers will not devote a segment of their broadcast time to airing it".


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Phone: 212 741 5106
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  • Richard Laermer and Michael Prichinello, Full Frontal: good 'ole time’ PR, Bloomberg Press, pp: 68-69.