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"Richard Spencer is President and Director of The National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. He was formerly an Assistant Editor at The American Conservative magazine and Executive Editor of Taki's Magazine (Takimag). In 2010, he founded and edited it for its first two years.

"Currently, he is Editor of Radix Journal, a biannual journal on culture and critical theory, and the host of Vanguard Radio, a weekly podcast. Spencer has been a guest speaker at the Property and Freedom Society, The Traditional Britain Group, American Renaissance, and the HL Mencken Club." [1]

His publishing outfit published Alexandr Dugin's MARTIN HEIDEGGER: THE PHILOSOPHY OF ANOTHER BEGINNING in 2014. A book by Tomislav Sunic (20015), Richard Lynn in 2011 (two of his books were the first ones published in 2006), and Byron Roth (2010). [1]

He was formerly married to "Nina Kouprianova, who also writes under the pen name Nina Byzantina, is a Russian scholar who has translated the work of Russian far-right theorist and Putin ally Alexander Dugin". [2]



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