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Richard T. Hines was a Washington, D.C.-area media consultant to Philip Morris. He proposed in a May 1994 letter to Matthew Winokur of Philip Morris Worldwide Regulatory Affairs Department that Philip Morris fund journalism internships through the National Journalism Center to create a "network of journalists sympathetic to Philip Morris issues."[1]

Documents & Timeline

1984 Mar 3 Steve Parrish of Shook Hardy & Bacon]] in Kansas City is reviewing the payments made by Philip Morris staff corrupter, Tom Collamore to Richard Hines. Hines has been churning out articles attacking the EPA's characterisation of second-hand smoke (ETS) as a carcinogen. This is a Parrish handwriting sample He writes "I'm assuming, correctly I hope, that you have him in your spending plan? Many thanks for your assistance."

Hines is being managed by Tom Collamore, Tom Borelli and Craig Fuller at Philip Morris. [1]


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