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Richard Tanter "is Professor of International Relations, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and Senior Research Associate, Nautilus Institute in San Francisco and of Nautilus@RMIT at RMIT's Research and Innovation Section. Within Nautilus he has particular responsibilities for the Global Collaborative and Global Problem-Solving project, and is closely involved in the East Asian Science and Security Collaborative.

"From 1989-2003 Richard was Professor of International Relations at Kyoto Seika University in Japan. After returning from Japan in 2003, he has been Senior Curriculum Consultant to Deakin University for its Security Studies graduate program at the Australian Defence College's Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies.

"Richard has worked on peace, security and environment issues in East and Southeast Asia as analyst, policy advocate and activist since the 1970s. His research has focussed on militarisation and peace issues in Indonesia, Korea and Japan, as well as the wider politics of East and Southeast Asia. His doctoral thesis research on the intelligence agencies of the Indonesian state in the Suharto period was the first study of its type in Asia.

"In more recent writing he has returned to a Northeast Asian focus, concentrating on questions of Japanese security policy, its intersection with US policy and relations with China, the issues of Japanese theatre missile defence and electronic intelligence capabilities, and the possibilities of Japanese acquisition of nuclear weapons.

"In addition to publishing widely on the New Order state in Indonesia as an academic, Richard also testified as the principal expert witness in the successful civil case for crimes against humanity brought by East Timorese plaintiffs in a US court against Indonesian Lt-General Johny Lumintang.

"Richard worked on the issue of East Timor from 1975 onwards as an academic analyst and activist. He published the first substantive analysis of East Timorese military resistance to the Indonesian invasion in early 1977, based on work as a lobbyist for the the East Timorese delegation to the United Nations. His most recent books on East Timor are Masters of Terror: Indonesia's Military and Violence in East Timor in 1999, [co-edited with Gerry Van Klinken and Desmond Ball] and Bitter Flowers, Sweet Flowers: East Timor, Indonesia and the World Community [edited with Mark Selden and Stephen Shalom]." [1]

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