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Richard Dean Thomas is a Mormon toxicologist who worked for the tobacco industry through the lawyers James Day and a veil of family corporate entities and think-tanks (owned by himself and his wife - and using his children): Thomas & Thomas Technologies, and its spin-off called the International Center for Environmental Technology, which is also known as Intercet Ltd. He also owns part of a company in Canada called Bioresponse Systems Ltd, which manages Superfund type hazardous waste sites. This is also a spin-off from Thomas & Thomas Technologies.

He was deposed in the case of the USA vs Philip Morris [2] He reports to Jones Day verbally.

His C/V includes PhD in chemistry from Colorado State Uni, then a post doctoral studies in pathology and toxicology at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Walter Reed Medical Center and George Washington University, followed by a BS in chemistry at Utah State Uni. He then worked for

  • Ciba Geigy Corp in Greensboro NC
  • Stanford Research Institute of Occupational Health and Toxicology Studies
  • MIT Research (1978) Mitre Corp
  • Borriston Research Laboratories (1981-1982). Replicating Auerbach beagle smoking-dog study
  • National Academy of Sciences(Research Director, then took over Director of Division of toxicology, epidemiology and risk assessment
  • International Center for Environment and Health a subsidiary of Medical Services Corporation, which is mostly owned by Dr George Contes)

From 1975 September he has also acted as a consultant to private companies, organisations, etc. His current consulting rate in 2002 was $350 to $400 an hour

From about 1984 his work has included the tobacco industry via the Jones Day law firm. He has never worked for RJ Reynolds directly - always via Jones Day (and maybe also for Philip Morris, Liggett and Lorillard)

Intercet was started about 1994-95. Bioresponse systems founded 1988-89.

He also teaches at a number of universities, and the World Health Organisation,