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Richard William Mizerski, Ph.D is a Marketing Professor at Griffith University in Australia, and is considered an Industry Expert by defendant tobacco companies.


Dr. Richard Mizerski, School of Marketing, Faculty of Commerce and Administration, Griffith University, Nathan Campus Kessels Road, Brisbane Queensland 411, Australia, has Ph.Ds in both Economics and Business Administration from the University of Florida. He has distinguished himself academically and has written and lectured extensively on marketing, consumer behavior, advertising and marketing communication research. He is considered a leader in his field; his work has been published in prominent academic journals and conferences. His work includes various assessments of cigarette marketing and advertising.

Dr. Mizerski has been a consultant to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the states of Florida and Mississippi on advertising issues. He can testify on cigarette advertising, marketing and promotion. Dr. Mizerski evaluates tobacco industry ad campaigns. He can discuss his own research concerning cigarette and other advertising, and their effects on influencing smoking behavior in the general public, including children. He can also comment on the effectiveness of anti-smoking campaigns and various forms of tobacco promotion. He served as an expert in the Mississippi case.(Source: Mississippi Expert Disclosure.)

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