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According to www.ricksellers.org, the which is the only source for the following information, Rick Sellers (October 28, 1951- ) lists the following timeline for himself and his activities.


  • 1972-1974. Staff assistant, Alabama Democratic U.S. Senator John Sparkman.
  • 1974-1977. Staff assistant, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  • 1977-present. President of business consulting firm, now called Best Sellers Company, which specializes in the start up and fast growth of small businesses and nonprofit groups.
  • 1980s. Served as Washington coordinator for the National Coalition for Peace through Strength building a majority of both Houses of Congress in the Coalition. Helped write the 1980 peace through strength language for the National Republican Platform.
  • 1981-1992. Appointed yearly by the White House to the Chair of the Alabama Small Business Advisory Committee.
  • 1982, 1986 and 1988. Initiated and/or chaired Alabama Governor's Conferences on Small Business.
  • 1982. Initiated and lobbied for legislation that established the Alabama Small Business Committees of the Alabama State Legislature.
  • 1985-present. Chairman of Concerned Citizens Inc., a nonprofit foundation, focusing on small business and personal development.
  • 1992. Alabama Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, receiving 522.016 votes, the most votes in Alabama history for a Republican U.S. Senate challenger.
  • 1993. Chaired the "First National Conference on Criminal Violence," that included national leaders.
  • 1993. Helped fund "Three Strikes and Your Out" initiative efforts in Washington State and California, which gave momentum to a tougher crime approach in 24 other states.
  • 1995. Working with others, Rick was successful in passing legislation ... that mandates 10 minutes of character education study in all Alabama public schools. Continues foundation work to "sell character."
  • 1996. Released an Alabama major city crime rate comparison with New York City. Half Alabama's largest cities had higher serious crime rates than New York City.
  • 2001. Helped lead the coalition for President George W. Bush's tax cut, featured on national TV (ABC World News Tonight, March 1, 2001, 5:30 PM CST)


  • BA, Auburn University, 1975, Political Science. Graduate work: University of Alabama, Auburn University at Montgomery, American University, and Georgetown University.

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