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Right Now! was a right wing British political magazine, which ran from 1993 to 2006. It was initially edited by Michael Harrison (an associate of Lady Birdwood), and then from 1995 until closure by Derek Turner. Contributing editors included Allan Robertson and Christopher Luke of the London Swinton Circle and Stuart Millson of the Conservative Democratic Alliance. Its origins lay in the Revolutionary Conservative Caucus and with right-wing members of the Monday Club. The magazine featured interviews with and articles by many leading politicians, thinkers and writers. These include Antony Flew, Roger Scruton, Pat Buchanan, Peter Brimelow, Frederick Forsyth, Charles Moore, Garry Bushell, Nick Griffin, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Alain de Benoist, Richard Lynn,J. Philippe Rushton, Thomas Fleming, Samuel T. Francis and C. B. Liddell. wiki

"After Right Now! ceased publication in 2006 many of those associated with it moved into the New Right club, run by the lifelong fascist activist Troy Southgate, and the Nazi and fascist arts scene. " [1]

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