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Right to the City "was born out of desire and need by organizers and allies around the country to have a stronger movement for urban justice. But it was also born out of the power of an idea of a new kind of urban politics that asserts that everyone, particularly the disenfranchised, not only has a right to the city, but as inhabitants, have a right to shape it, design it, and operationalize an urban human rights agenda.

"In the realm of ideas, a key resource and touchstone is "Le droite à la ville" (Right to the City) a book published in 1968 by French intellectual and philosopher Henri Lefebvre. In the sphere of human rights, this powerful idea was adopted by the World Urban Forum and elaborated into the World Charter of the Right to the City in 2004.

"Building from this powerful idea, international principles, and forward looking grassroots organizing, the Right to the City Alliance was established in January 2007." [1]

Core Members

Accessed August 2009: [2]


  • ACE
  • Centro Presente
  • City Life-Vida Urbana
  • Chinese Progressive Association, Boston

DC Metro

  • One DC
  • TWU

Los Angeles

  • Esperanza
  • KIWA
  • SAN
  • SAJE
  • Union de Vecinos


  • MWC
  • Power U
  • Vecinos Unidos

New Orleans

  • D12
  • Safe Streets

New York City

SF Bay Area

  • Chinese Progressive Association, San Francisco
  • JCO
  • St. Peter's Housing Committee


  • DARE
  • ONA

Allied Members

Accessed August 2009: [3]



Resources and articles

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