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Rob Borbidge (also known as Robert Borbidge) is currently on the Senate for Griffith University (Australia) and was the Premier for Queensland for the National Party from 1996-1998.

In November 2001, Rob Borbidge was appointed as the Chairperson of the Griffith University Centre for Biomolecular Science and Drug Discovery fundraising campaign (now the Institute for Glycomics). [1]

The Director of the Institute for Glycomics is Professor Mark von Itzstein, an Australia Prize winner for his efforts in the development of the Anti-Influenza Drug Zanamivir sold under the name Relenza.


Organisational responsibilities

  • Chairman and Independent Non Executive Director for CEC Group, one of Queensland's leading construction and development companies.
  • Director of Strategic Communications Australia Pty Ltd, a Queensland based corporate relations company with offices in Brisbane and Jakarta.
  • Chairman of Rotec Pty Ltd, a Brisbane based engineering firm that is developing emission reduction technology for diesel engines.
  • Chairman of Asset Loan Company, a Gold Coast based ASX listed financial services company.
  • Chairman of the Executive Task Force for the Institute of Glycomics at Griffith University.
  • Senate member for Griffith University.
  • Trustee of the Friends of Griffith University Foundation (USA).
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Asia Pacific Space Centre.



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